life as work


Konstantinos Rigos 

Born in Athens. He graduated the State School of Dance and studied Finance in Athens University of Economics and Business . 


In 1990 formed Dancetheatre OKTANA:

Les Noces, Room No 5, The garden, Daphnis and Chloe (National dance award 1995), The athlete, 5 seasons (National dance award 1996), Hotel Orpheus, Icarus – Explosive decompression, La dames aux camelias, Alkeste, Ring (National choreography award 1999), Crazy Happiness    (National choreography award 2001), Utopia, Wintereisse, Free besieged-Draft B, Neverland, Dressed undressed, Nutcracker.


At the same time OKTANA  participated in many other plays and events such as in opera and in television.

Furthermore, Oktana has participated in many festivals in Greece and abroad. Portugal, U.S.A  Georgia, France, Italy, Sweden, England, Holland, Bosnia, Colombia, Germany, Venezuela, Egypt, Poland, Montenegro, Serbia, Singapore, Israel, Brazil.

From October 2001 to October 2005 was artistic director of National Theatre of northern Greece, for which choreographed the following plays [Sleeping Beauty, BluebearThe ship wreck, Winter trip, Joan of arc, Igor’s’ Room (Les noces), White noise and Free besieged.]

In 2007 creates the music-visual group “tageria” in which actors and choreographers are participating. Tageria’s  first appearance took place in Art-Athens 2007, during the exhibition of New Greek Stage, the group also appered in Reworks Festival in Thessaloniki and in Athens Voice event.


He collaborated with many theatres and companies such as The National Theatre of Northern Greece, Hellenic Festival,, National Theatre, National Opera, Thessaloniki International Film Festival, Athens Concert Hall.

He collaborated as a choreographer with more than thirty directors in Theatre, Cinema , Opera and Television.

Furthermore, he has created and  directed for National Theatre the performances  Bossa Nova and Titanic, he also collaborates with music artists for Music Videos and concerts.


As a performer has collaborated with the choreographers, Apostolia Papadamaki, Kostas Michos.


As visual artist has participated in various exhibitions.


He collaborated as a contributing artist with the magazines cool and soul until March of 2009 and his pictures are published in many other magazines such as Free, Marie Claire, Vogue etc. From March of 2008 he presents the column Shoot me! in free press Athens Voice.


His plays were presented in festivals and events abroad, Portugal, USA, Georgia, France, Italy, Sweden, Holland, England, Bosnia, Brazil, Israel, Benezuela, Polland, Serbia, Singapore, Germany, Montenegro, Spain.

In 1995 with Daphnis and Chloe and in 1996 with 5 seasons won the National Dance Award, in 1999 with the play Ring and in 2001 with the play Crazy Hapiness won the National Choreography Award and in 1997 won Melina Merkouri Award.


During 2006- 2007 he worked again in OKTANA by presenting in Hellenic Festival the play Free besieged-Draft B. In 2008 directed for National Theatre the play Bossa Nova and in 2009 the play Titanic. In  summer of 2008 presented in the 6th International Athens Festival his new production with the title "Neverland-Blood on the dance floor”. He awarded for his play «Bossa Nova» with the 3rd award of choreography from Athinorama and the 2nd award of stage design. In 2009 he presented in Theatre Roes the play "Emperors’ New Clothes" of Elena Pegka and in Thessaloniki Concert Hall and in Pallas his creation "Daphnis and Chloe". In 2010 during the International Dance Festival of the Municipal of Athens he presented the performance "Dressed - Undressed" and in November of 2010 the play "Nutcracker" in Thiseion Theatre. In June of 2011 he is the choreographer and performer of the play "Nijinsky i am a Gods' puppet" for the Greek Festival. In August of 2011 he is the choreographer of the play "Herakles by Euripides" for the Greek Festival.  In January 2013 he directed "Red Lanterns" for the National Theatre. In October 2013 he directs the musical Cabaret. In January 2014 he directs the play "Mia Zoi Tin Exoume" in Cyprus. In February 2014 he is the director and choreographer of the play "Vesalii icones". In June 2014 he is the director and choreographer of "Arcadia" that was presented by Dancetheatre Oktana for the Greek Festival. In October 2014 he is the director of the famous musical "Rocky Horror Show" and in December "Frutopia" in Rex theatre.The following year directs the play "Hedda Gabler" and the "emptiness in person". During 2016 he directed in Municipal Theatre of Piraeus the classic play "Romeo and Juliete" and the play "ANEMOS" for National Theatre of Greece. In 2017 directed the opera "Erotokritos" for National Lyric Opera.