life as work

Konstantinos Rigos


Choreographer and director, was born in Athens. He studied finance at the University of Athens and dance at the National school of dance. Over the years, he has signed a number of dance productions and has been responsible for various innovative creations. 


Accepting the invitation by Stefanos Lazaridis, the Greek National Opera’s artistic director back in 2007, he choreographed the plays “Les Sylphides” and “A little piece peace  for America”, while in 2017 he directed “Erotokritos”, by composer Dimitris Maramis, the first musical commissioned by the NGO Alternative Stage . 


He served as an artistic director for the dance department of National Theatre of Northern Greece (2001-2005) for which he choreographed the following plays Sleeping Beauty, Bluebeared, The Shipwreck , Swan Lake City, Cithaeron, Winterreise, Winter Journey, Joan at the stake, Igor’s room, Helidon Idomeni, White Noise and Free Besieged.


In 1990 he formed Dancetheatre Oktana, which significantly contributed to the development of modern dance in Greece  and has gained the interest of the most promising dancers of his generation. The company presented the plays ,Les noces, Room 5, See you through the years – The garden, Daphnis & Chloe, the Athlete, 5 Seasons, Hotel Orpheus, Icarus – Explosive Decompression, La dame aux camellias, Alkistis, The Boxing ring, Crazy happiness, Utopia, Winterreise, Winter journey, Free Besieged – Draft b, Dressed/Undressed, Nutcracker, Neverland, Emperors new clothes, Arcadia, Vavel etc.


Rigos choreographies have won multiple awards, Choreography award of the Municipality of Athens 1990 -Second Award, 1992 - First Award [Goodmorning], National dance award 1995 [Daphnis and Chloe] and 1996 [5 seasons], National Choreography award 1999[The boxing ring] and 2001 [Crazy hapiness], Melina Merkouri award 1997.Furthermore, his work has been very well received by various international dance festival worldwide (Great Britain, Egypt, Portugal,Usa, France, Italy, Sweden, Holland, Bosnia , Colombia, Germany, Venezuela,, Poland, Montenegro, Serbia, Singapore, Israel, Brazil, Spain etc) and are even taught at the National School of Dance to aspiring young dancers.


He directed plays from Greek and international repertoire (William Shakespear’ s Romeo and Juliet, Henrik Ibsen’s Hedda Gabler, Alekos Galano’s Red Lanterns, Aki Dimo's The void itself, George Chrona's'Sevas Hanoum, Elena Pegka The emperor new clothes and Pornostar  etc.), musicals (Vesalii Icones by P.M. Davies, Cabaret by Fred Ebb & John Kander, Rocky Horror Picture Show by Richard O’ Brien, Erotokritos by Dimitris Maramis), children’s theatre (Frutopia by Eugene Trivizas  and Fairy tales on the mixer by Xenia Aidonopoulou and Konstantinos Rigos), shows, concerts and music videos and plays - performances which combine several arts (Much Ado about nothing, Bossa Nova, Titanic, the Wind for the National Theatre). In these productions he combines all his expertise in a range of fields, diverse kind of shows, live concerts and video clips.


His productions have been performed in 40 international Festivals and in Athens Concert Hall, Thessaloniki Concert Hall, National Theatre, National Theatre of Northern Greece, Thessaloniki International Film Festival,National Οpera, Cyprus Theatre Organization, Piraeus Municipal Theatre etc.


As a choreographer he has choreographed many performers in films and plays from the greek (ancient and contemporary) and international repertoire. Moreover, he has collaborated with many directors of different styles ( Gianni Houvardas, Michael Marmarinos, Andrei Serban, Giorgo Lazani, Mimi Kougioumtzi, Taso Bandi, Stamati Fasouli, Thoma Moschopoulo, Menelao Karamaggioli, Victor Arditi, Deni Iliadi, Niko Panagiotopoulo, Laki Lazopoulo, Niko Diamanti, Vasili Nikolaidi, Gianni Smaragdi, Stavro Tsakiri etc).


As a contributing artist and photographer he has collaborated with magazines Vogue, Marie Claire, Athens Voice, Cool, Soul, Free etc. As a visual artist, Konstantinos has participated in exhibitions at the State Museum of Contemporary Art, Nicosia Municipal Art Center, Antonopoulou Art Center, Arsakeio Lyceulm of Patras during European Capital of Culture, Greek Film Archive, Art Athina 2007 etc


Since the 1st of February 2018 he is the Greek National Opera Ballet Director.